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Organizational Consulting Certificate

Boost your skills as an organizational consultant and trainer

The Organizational Consulting Certificate provides students with a theoretical framework and the skills needed for a successful practice as an organizational consultant and trainer. It is designed to provide direction for external practitioners in building a brand and successfully positioning their businesses, as well as for internal practitioners who wish to enhance their skills and create powerful outcomes in their own organizations.

The courses examine the role of ethics and professionalism; the basics of building a practice that suits the student’s strengths and acknowledges their limitations; training and development; and the use of technology.

Key Outcomes

  • Acquire the framework and skills required for a successful consulting practice.
  • Work on branding and positioning your practice.
  • Learn to evaluate and enhance the outcomes of consulting interventions.
  • Explore the role of ethics and professionalism.
  • Match your practice to your own stage of development.

Our Faculty

Jim Beaubien, PhD

Meet Dr. Beaubien