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EdD Leadership for Change

Become a catalyst for positive change

Become a catalyst for positive change in your school, agency, or community. Fielding’s Doctor of Education (EdD) degree is designed for professionals inspired to tackle the challenges in today’s educational and human services systems.

Intellectual Power

Fielding’s EdD degree offers supportive, mentoring faculty who help students integrate their life experiences with rigorous academics. The EdD degree helps students harness their own transformative power, building on their existing knowledge and experience. Energized by the freedom and encouragement to explore interests they care deeply about, our students move beyond knowledge consumption to knowledge production.

Individualized, Participatory Learning

Our faculty are actively engaged with each student and his or her learning plan. Fielding’s EdD provides a self-directed pathway for students to identify, explore, and pursue a personally and professionally relevant dissertation topic. Students develop customized learning plans to study their unique interests. Through a combination of project-based learning and competency-based instruction, they learn to solve real-world education problems in their communities.

Collaborative, Transcultural Community

A blended learning model — including synchronous face-to-face and flexible, online learning opportunities — allows students to engage in a global, interactive network. In Fielding’s distributed dialogue, all voices are valued. Learning is enhanced by the interaction of varied social, ethnic, and cultural perspectives.

Inspired Activists

Fielding’s EdD degree is designed for professionals committed to tackling the challenges in today’s educational and human services systems. Teachers, administrators, leaders, innovators, activists, and advocates develop new skills and profound insights from doctoral-level study. They become change agents, working for social and ecological justice.

Meaningful Impact

Through action-oriented research, students systematically analyze, evaluate, and improve educational processes and practices. Students with Fielding’s EdD degree are empowered and equipped to lead positive, systemic change in their communities.

EdD Leadership for Change | Brochure

"We see diversity as inclusiveness, and it goes way beyond the obvious — race, gender, ethnicity — to difference in approach, in attitude, in point of view. "

Nicola Smith, faculty


CPED-membership_logo_trimFielding is a member of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED), a Consortium of over 80 colleges and schools of education committed to critically examining the doctorate in education through dialog, experimentation, critical feedback, and evaluation. Through its distinctive action-research, project-based learning, and appreciative inquiry approach, Fielding’s EdD program is positioned to make foundational contributions to solving the challenges confronting education.