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This certificate is designed to teach you the theory of reflective practice/supervision and how to apply it to your professional work experiences in clinical, educational, administrative, or organizational systems.

Reflective practice/supervision is a tool that facilitates problem-solving in any social or organizational setting and offers a developmentally based, relationship approach to reflective practice processes, including parallel processes.

Coursework focuses on:

  • the theory of reflective practice
  • the application of reflection in clinical, educational, administrative, and organizational systems
  • the application of reflection among and between colleagues, peers, supervisors, and customers
  • and the relationship between supervisors and supervisees, professors and students, employers and employees, and boards and organizations

The program lets you integrate this knowledge into your educational/clinical setting and allows for practice opportunities and time to build on your learning, confidence, and competence in using reflective practice skills.

Why Reflective Practice/Supervision?

A cutting-edge approach to conflict resolution, reflective practice/supervision can be an extremely powerful resource for communication in organizations in education, mental health, and beyond. In a true reflective practice, individuals focus on listening skills, seeing the world through the eyes of the client, being able to empathize with that viewpoint, and responding in a non-critical, accepting manner.

Key Courses

Introduction to Reflective Practice/Supervision

Defines the process of reflection and relates reflection to mindfulness practice. As we understand the process, we will discuss the applications for creating learning experiences in different settings.

Reflective Practice/Supervision

Combines theory and practice, alternating between discussion sessions, relating to reflective practice, and practice sessions in which students work in pairs or groups to practice reflection with ongoing supervision of their work.

Advanced Reflective Practice/Supervision

In this practicum/intervention course, students bring in case work from their own professional experiences and disciplines.